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HVAC Infrastructure Upgrades done Wright.  This is our 3-step process to a successful project:


Existing HVAC systems were originally designed with purpose.  It’s important to understand the intent, capacities and limitations of the original system design.  This first step allows us to maximize reuse of the existing HVAC system assets, if possible. 


Facility operators develop a unique way of operating HVAC systems to ensure their occupants are safe and comfortable.  The discover step documents the current operating sequence, identifies system issues and establishes the facility operator's maintenance capabilities and expectations.


Working with the facilities operators we design upgrades to the system that meet their priorities, expectations and budget.  The engineer develops a plan to upgrade the existing system.  Upgrades are custom designed to satisfy the project goals: mitigating previous issues, reducing maintenance, increasing system expected lifespan, improving comfort, and improving the indoor environment for the end users.

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